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Writing a Blog 102

Tips to help your kick start your business blog

I’ve been talking a lot about content marketing, blogging and how to help you gain some Return On your blogging Investment.  I had some additional thoughts that I wanted to share to help those new to blogging as well as those who may feel too overwhelmed to start!

For those of you who are new to the blogging world….one big question is When is the best time to post my blog?  Well, that is not the easiest question to answer.  It depends entirely on your audience! 

When – Time of Day
In general, 70% of people report reading more blogs in the morning.  However, if you look at the male/female breakdown, women read more blogs in the morning, men read more at night.

When – The Days of the Week
If you have a specific intention, selecting a particular day of the week can help.
Monday’s are high traffic days.  So if you are looking for a lot of visibility…it’s a good day to blog.
Thursday’s are high share days.  If you are looking to get your message into new hands…Try Thursday.
Saturday’s are high comment days.  If you are looking at to start a dialog….Saturday’s the day.

So, the moral of the story is, know who your target is so that you can better get your message to them.

How often?
Consistency is key.
Chances are you fall into one of two camps.
 You are really excited to start, you have a ton of ideas and you want to get them all out there as soon as possible. 
 You know you need to blog, you want to blog, but you have trouble finding the time to complete the blog so you haven’t started posting or posting has been sporadic at best. 

Just keep in mind to try to remain consistent.  As creatures of habit, your loyal reader will more than likely fall into a pattern of reading your blog posts.  They will come to expect your great content that they connect with or can put to good use on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly basis.  You need to do your best to be sure that you give them what they are looking for. 

Too Eager
Be sure not to post so frequently that you burn yourself and your readers out.  Pace yourself.  Nothing says that you have to post your blog as soon as you write it.  That is where a good content management schedule can come into play!  You can also schedule your posts so that they reach your reader when you’ve decided the time is right.

If you fall into the overwhelmed category, there are some things you can do. 

First, if you have an idea for a blog, write it down.  In whatever system works best for you, write down your ideas so that when you can find some time in your schedule to write, your ideas will be waiting for you. 

Another idea is to Batch your blogs.  I have been batching things for years and didn’t really know it until author Jon Acuff and his 30 Day Hustle explained the concept.  Basically, you group like tasks together in order to be make more effective use of your time.  The idea is that once you get on a roll, it is easier to keep going.  Set aside some time in your calendar for blogging…get out your blog idea list and then do more than one in a sitting!  You then have a few posts to schedule and less pressure to blog every day!

There are tons of resources out there to help people who are blogging as a career but they can easily be adapted to blogging for your business.  If you are eager to learn more some of my favorite blogging gurus are:

Michael Hyatt
Jeff Goins

Written by Laura Danella




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