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This week we welcome a guest blogger, Tim Sherwood, owner/operator of Dual Media Solutions, our web development company of choice.  We’ve learned so much from Tim about the internet in general and SEO specifically, we thought it would be a great idea for him to pass on some of his knowledge to our readers.  Enjoy!


First things first…

Great, you’ve realize that your site most likely needs SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The first step is determining the keywords you want to focus on. These are the phrases people will be using to search for your company.

On the local level, keywords consist of a search term and geographic term. Your target keywords could be “Poughkeepsie NY plumbers” or “paving in Orange County NY”. These are things your potential customers are searching for that YOU want to be found for.

It’s important to note that you should only be aiming to rank one page per keyword. When either the geographic term becomes different (like a different town) or the search term becomes different (like a different service), then you should focus on a different page for rankings.

The only real exception is that a very uncompetitive service may be able to rank for a few towns or a town and county using the same page.

Optimizations: On Your Website

We’ve got the first important step down, you’ve determined the keywords that you want to focus on and you’re ready to get to work.

In SEO, it is important to first make sure your house is in order before striking for further optimization. If you don’t, then your off-site efforts will be almost completely useless.

This means you need to include instances and variations of your keyword throughout the content and heading of the page

You need to do this without your page becoming unnatural. That means you don’t want to do keyword “stuffing” where your exact same keyword is everywhere and the page starts to look unnatural and not read very well.

Remember, Google is a search engine. All they’re really trying to do is sort searches by relevance. The catch is that it’s a very smart search engine that is great at detecting spammy activity.


Optimizations: Off-Site

At this point you’ve determined your keywords and optimized your site for them. Now it is time for the off-site SEO factors. 

Citations are the first place to start building your foundation. Citations are simply free directory listings. These citations, however, help to show Google that you are at least a legitimate company. It is very important that you use the exact same information in each listing for your company.

A great way to find some of the places to leave your mark is by putting your keywords in Google. Undoubtedly the first few pages will have spots with directories on them.

In SEO, links are a big deal. These are a major factor in how Google determines your authority. If they see a ton of people linking to you (especially from sites that have already been deemed to carry authority) then your authority goes up and ranking becomes easier.


Where to build links:

  • Links to you from manufacturers & distributors that you work with.
  • Links from other local businesses that use you as a resource.
  • Links to your site from social media. (i.e. linking back to blog posts on your site from Facebook)
  • Get creative!


Last but not least, it’s time to pull social into the mix. Although this should just as well be done first. Google looks at something we’ll call “social signals”. While they use citations as a part of the foundation for legitimacy, they use social signals as a part of authority. Google will recognize which Facebook page is yours, for example, and how popular it is.

The same goes for other social platforms like YouTube. YouTube is a great platform in that it shows Google you have a social presence and at the same time, having videos on there can also rank in search engines themselves.


Dual Media Solutions is an Adzipadee preferred partner for web development.  Looking for results?  Helping you achieve them is the passion of Dual Media Solutions.  For full service web development, search engine optimization and mobile marketing solutions, look no further than Dual Media Solutions. 

Find them online at 

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