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  • Identify

    With the help of the By Industry page, find the category that best matches your business.

  • Choose

    Go to the Pricing page and select the tiered package that best suits your needs.

  • Select

    Check out the Portfolio page and fall in love with one of our industry specific templates.

  • Fine-tune

    Review your package choice, if you don’t see an element that you are looking for, peruse our Odds & Ends page.

  • Contact

    You’re Ready!  Pick up the phone or shoot us an email so that we can get started or answer any questions!

  • Go!

    After you’ve made contact, you are well on your way to making smart marketing decisions with AdZipadee!


How many revisions do I get to make?

Unless otherwise noted, AdZipadee will provide 2 rounds of revisions.  After that, any requested changes can be made for a fee of $100.

Once I choose a template, will someone else be able to use the same one?

Our brand templates are not exclusive, however once a template is chosen, we will not allow any other business within your designated target market to select the same one.  Templates may be used by other businesses in different markets.  However, with the variety of color selections, combined with businesses whose logos and color palettes have already been established, the same template can have vastly different looks. 

I’m still not crazy about the idea of sharing my brand with another company, can I have it all to myself?

For an additional $10,000 it’s all yours, we won’t offer it to anyone nationally or internationally as well.

I don’t want one of the items in the tier 1 package, can I just pay less?

In an effort to keep our price points as affordable as possible and our strategies as effective as possible, we are unable to lower the price of the tier if you feel you don’t need one of the items offered.  However, we would be happy to swap out the item for a comparable element from our odds & ends page (at our discretion).  

I like the tier one package but I need some trade show materials too, can I add that to my package?

Yes!  Check out our Odds & Ends page.  You can add elements to enhance your package at any tier.

Are printing costs included?

No.  But we are able to recommend printers who provide printing at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.  Artwork will be provided digitally according to standard printing specifications.  If the printer you select requires different specifications for a specific piece of collateral, give us a call, we’d be happy to help! 

Where should I get my stuff printed?

Check out the vendors we love section on the about us page or give us a call, we would be happy to recommend printers both nationally and in select markets.

How will the art be provided?

All files (with the exception of logos) will be provided in pdf format.  We do our best to design our work according to standard printing specifications.  If the printer you selected has asked for different specs, give us a call.  

I already have a logo, can I pay less for the package?

In an effort to keep our price points as affordable as possible we are unable to lower the price of the tier.  However, often times, we find that pre-designed logos need color correction or are not camera ready.  We will be sure that both are taken care of with any package at any tier.  Once you select which industry specific design that is right for you, we will take your current logo and make the templates match your color palette.  At certain tiers, we even provide you with a style guide.  If your logo is in good working order, is camera ready and color corrected, we would be happy to swap it out for a comparable element.

I don’t like the colors selected for my industry, are there more I can choose from?

AdZipadee can take any template and match it to your current color palette (logo) or to the colors of your choice.   Give us a call!

Do you provide the content?

AdZipadee provides industry specific content outlines & specifications in the form of a questionnaire, as well as a sampling of ideas for each piece of collateral included in the packages.  This is intended to help you decide the most important things to include and best reach your customer.  However, you have full control over your own content. 

I live in Iowa, how can you give me monthly consultations?

Behold, the power of the internet!  Seriously, if you are too far for face to face consultations, we can still meet either over the phone or via video conference.

How long will my package last me?

Every package and strategy we develop is designed to work within a rolling twelve month cycle.  However they can be repeated, upgraded or enhanced so that your relationship with AdZipadee can last much longer.  You could repeat it the following year with some enhancements or you can upgrade to another tier to expand on the strategy that has already been established.

What does a message change mean?

A message change includes swapping out content and imagery.  You already have an ad, but want to promote a new offer, so you can use one of your message changes to do so.   Other things that you can use your message changes for include eblasts, postcards, fliers, etc.

Can I upgrade to a different tier in the middle of the year?

Yes, you may.  We can apply a credit of what you have already paid to the next tier.