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The world may never know

Over the weekend while I was tidying up the kitchen, I overheard my husband ask my kids who were happily licking their tootsie pops (courtesy of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce Community Expo): “How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?”They immediately responded by saying “A one,

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Why AdZipadee?

Watch the news, read the headlines, follow your facebook feed…this country’s economy is never “going back to normal”.  Businesses are struggling and often the end result is a company merger or sad to say, a closing.  - Are sales down?- Have you cut back on Marketing?- Are you uncertain what works and what doesn’t for your

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Say More With Less

As resident copywriter for Media Vision Advertising I am often given the task of taking content from our clients and reworking it for use across various forms of media.  The fun part of it is that my research often gives me the opportunity to learn about many different topics!  The not so fun part is

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The New Consumer is Here

Challenge…The “Great Recession” has come… and supposedly gone.Coupled with an inflation looming over us… being disguised as business as usual.(For example – have you noticed how small food packaging is getting?… but pricing isn’t going up! )And if that’s not enough – Hurricane Sandy has pounded on the North-East with a vengeance and the verdict

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