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Facebook’s latest change

Important news for any business on facebook….and if you have a business then you should be on facebook.  Make sure to stay up to date on the changes made to Facebook, and any other social site for that matter.  It changes constantly, and your practices could quickly become obsolete or even harmful to your strategy. For example,

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Image Resolution – Part 2

In my last blog I talked about what resolution is, why it matters, and how to check it.  If the resolution is not high enough, there is little you can do without the help of a professional and the appropriate software.  But even then, Photoshop can only go so far—it can’t work magic.  What the

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Small Business Saturday

AdZipadee was created to champion small businesses and help them succeed.  We care about small businesses.  Why?  Well, that is a long story for another blog but basically, it is all about relationships. The past few years have been a challenge for all types of businesses.  We have watched budgets being cut and cringed as businesses

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Image Resolution – Part 1

What exactly is image resolution and what do I need to know about it?Good question!  One of the most common areas of confusion for our clients is regarding image quality, or resolution.   I know it is a very fuzzy topic (no pun intended), and I understand that it can be quite frustrating, so I am

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Social Engagement à la The Walking Dead

This Walking Dead article from Social Media Today is a terrific example of successful social engagement of dialogue occurring to grow a brand.At the end of the day, the overall goal is to develop dialogue… Not a monologue.Posting just to “tell” people what you want them to hear about your company and “educating” them on your

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