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Email Marketing DOs and DON’Ts

Do you ever wonder why your email marketing campaigns just don’t stick?  No responses, low click through rates….you wonder if anyone has even read it?  Well, a few simple changes could go a long way.   Take a step back What if YOU were the consumer? Does the subject line catch your attention? Would you care about

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SEO Basics

SEO for DIY-ersThis week we welcome a guest blogger, Tim Sherwood, owner/operator of Dual Media Solutions, our web development company of choice.  We’ve learned so much from Tim about the internet in general and SEO specifically, we thought it would be a great idea for him to pass on some of his knowledge to our

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Writing a Blog 102

Tips to help your kick start your business blogI’ve been talking a lot about content marketing, blogging and how to help you gain some Return On your blogging Investment.  I had some additional thoughts that I wanted to share to help those new to blogging as well as those who may feel too overwhelmed to

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The New Consumer mindset

How to attract the New Consumer?Sitting on a train into NYC from the Hudson Valley for a business meeting… I have come to a new understanding and appreciation of the commuter – which, by the way, is the lion’s share of the purchasing power of this country.I haven’t traveled in this manner for over a

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CMYK vs Pantone: Color Methods in Printing

How to ensure color consistency throughout all your branded piecesYour company’s colors are very important to your brand. You have carefully selected the right colors to represent who you are as a company.  If you are unsure what colors are right for you, read our previous blog post on the subject “The meaning & power

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Writing a Blog 101

If you write it, they will come.Tips on writing a blog that builds customer loyalty!I write. That is my primary role here at Media Vision Advertising. I am neither an expert blogger nor do I claim to be one but I can offer insights that will be valuable to any business that is looking to

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